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Per-Olov Johansson (1970 - 2007)

To my long time friend a fellow musician Per-Olov "Perra" Johansson. One day you were gone. Just like that. For 13 years we burned rubber together. You handled most of the technical stuff, saw to it that the old Dodge was running, microphones working. If I forgot to bring a lead, you always had one to spare. You were the one who never got tired or complained about carrying all the heavy stuff. You never said no if I asked a favour and you were always there for me. Even when you were not, just knowing that I had a friend like you was enough. You led a rough life. We both did, but we had a lot of fun too. And we created magic sometimes up on that stage.

Wherever you are Perra (at the great gig in the sky I hope). Know that I miss you down here. I hoped you heard the version of "all my tears" that we played for you in the church. Me, Uffe, Roger och Anders. With a special arrengment by Uffe. We all missed the drums though...It was a strange feeling playing for you, and not with you.

Sleep well my friend. I hope you are happy wherever you are...if you are. Noone has deserved it more.

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